LED H1 Mini Full Beam Guide
LED H1 Mini Full Beam Guide
LED H1 Mini Full Beam Guide

Ford Fiesta MK8.0

LED H1 Mini Full Beam Guide

1. Remove Headlights
Unplug both wire looms and remove headlights from the vehicle.

2. Clip Fitting 
Remove the full-beam rubber cap and existing halogen bulb from the headlight, firmly push the fitting clip into place ensuring the clip is fully seated. 

3. Bulb Fitting
Guide the bulb through the full-beam hole towards the dipped-beam bulb with the base of the bulb first. To help guide the bulb into position remove the dipped-beam cap & bulb, place your hand inside the dipped-beam hole holding the base of the bulb. Push the bulb into the clip, ensure the rubber band around the bulb is sitting on the groove of the unit when installed. 

Tip: Using the headlight adjusters screws adjust these fully one way, this will create maximum room to slide the bulb into place 

4. Wiring 
Finally, push the positive (Red) cable into the existing bulb holder (centre pin), the negative (Black) cable is then spliced onto the negative cable of the bulb holder. Ensure all completed wiring is inside the unit and place both rubber caps back in place.

Tip: You can also solder the negative (Black) cable into place as this would form a stronger connection. 

5. Complete
Plug both wire looms back into the headlights and refit back into the vehicle.