LED Ambient Fog Kit Guide

1. Prepare Vehicle 
Start be removing your headlight and disconnecting the wire loom. 

2. Fog Light
Locate your current fog light and remove the bulb. 

3. Plug in 
Once the old fog light is removed plug in the Ambient fog
Bluetooth controller.


 4. Secure 
Identify an area that will be free from water and
secure the Ambient controller.   


5. Wiring 
Repeat the steps above and remove the other fog light,
run the cable across the engine bay securing it under
the plastic. 

(The fog light connection from the opposite side of vehicle
is not required, this can be left disconnected) 


6. Complete 
Download the Colour changing app and turn on your Ambient fog lights. 


If you cannot find the Ambient light kit on the Bluetooth
app device list, ensure you have checked all cables are
connected correctly. If this continues go back to step 3, 
unplug the device and Remove the 2 pins that plug into
the plastic female connector, and swap over.

App download: Magic Light version 2 

If you are having any further difficulties following this
guide or require further information contact us via
our support page.